From Burn-out to Breakthrough!



Hi, I’m Kev. Welcome to New Perspectives!


  • Do you feel 'stuck', 'lost' or 'burnt-out'?


  • Are you struggling to achieve your business goals?

  • Do you get frustrated about the challenges, problems and priorities that compete for your time?


  • Does your life feel out of balance?


Well, you’re not alone....


That is exactly how I felt some years ago when I was co-founder and director of a mobile technology company.


Back then I was not in a good place: I was going through divorce, working long hours, stressed and 'burnt-out'.


I hired a coach, and through the coaching process I developed an inner strength and focus that I didn't think was possible.


I became more confident, resourceful and happy.


I navigated my way through the challenges that I faced and resolved each of them.


With my renewed focus, resourcefulness, and energy, my business partners and I developed the business to an annual 8-figure turnover.


Some years later we sold the business.


Although I am proud of this, I am most proud of the ‘rock bottoms’ that I turned around.


Times when people around me didn’t think it was possible. Times when even I doubted myself!


But I found my way to be unstoppable: to breakthrough each of the challenges that I faced and create new possibilities for me, my family, and my business.


At times it was scary, but I learnt that much of what holds us back comes from how we see the world, so I learned to see things differently.


I also learned that as leaders of our own lives we are responsible for our thoughts, integrity, focus and the actions that we take.


Today, I'm a certified Executive Coach and I help business professionals who feel 'burnt-out' become unstoppable and create a greater impact in the world.

I've talked about how coaching has helped me, but what I haven't told you is the success that my clients have created, which is why I wanted to share what some of my clients had to say after completing my coaching programme:

Do You Want to be


Read below to start your journey to:

  • Develop a MINDSET that prevents uncertainty and fear from stopping you

  • Create BALANCE in your busy life, so you'll be better equipped to manage stressful situations in the future

  • Find the right DIRECTION for you and your business

  • NAVIGATE and RESOLVE the CHALLENGES you face so you can see a clear way forward

  • Develop FOCUS so that you'll be able to manage the priorities, goals and challenges that compete for your time

  • Create NEW POSSIBILITIES for you and your business

  • ACHIEVE your AMBITIOUS business and personal GOALS FAST

  • Create IMPACT, SUCCESS and FULFILMENT without experiencing 'burn-out'

To start your own journey to be UNSTOPPABLEliving the life you want to live and running a business that thrives, schedule a FREE Coaching 'Discovery' Call with me.


During this call, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • EXPLORE the biggest challenge you are facing right now

  • DISCOVER what you REALLY want out of your business and life

  • EXPOSE possible futures for you and your business

  • EXPERIENCE coaching

You’ll leave the call with renewed energyclarity, and motivation to get your business and life moving forward!

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