Vision Coaching Programme

My Coaching programme is called ‘The Vision Coaching Programme’ for two reasons:

1. When I coach my clients, I help them to ‘see’ their world differently. Because when people see their world differently, they show up differently. When people show up differently, they start to solve challenges and create results that they may once have thought were impossible.

2. Not many people have a crystal-clear vision for their future. They may have dreamt about something that they want to achieve in their life and work, but sadly, have never thought deeply enough about this dream to create a vision, and haven’t taken enough steps towards making that vision real.

Some people dream about:

  • Starting a business
  • Exiting a business
  • Landing their perfect job
  • Helping others
  • Improving their relationships
  • Developing their confidence

…but these dreams go no further – ‘life’ just gets in the way.

I help my clients to resolve the challenges that they face in life and work; define their future vision and achieve their goals.


Programme Introduction

The Vision Coaching Programme is an opportunity for you to take time out of your week; to step back and focus on you:

  • What challenges are you struggling to resolve?
  • What opportunities are there for you?
  • What do you want out of your life and business?

I’ll help you to explore each of these questions and find answers to them.

Programme Elements

The coaching programme includes the following elements:

MINDSET: Is key towards resolving the challenges you may be facing today. Your mindset will also play an important part on the way to achieving your goals and making your vision real. We’ll explore if your mindset may be holding you back in specific areas of your life and work; and I’ll help you to ‘shift’ these psychological barriers.

VISION: I’ll help you to define a vision, covering many areas of your life, including: you, your business, your family, your relationships, your wealth and your health.

GOALS: Your vision will include ambitious goals, that I’ll help you to create. Working towards achieving your goals will go hand in hand with your strategy.

STRATEGY: Once you’ve defined your vision and goals so that they're crystal clear, we’ll move on to designing a strategy for you, so that when you wake up each morning, you’ll know exactly what to do, to step towards making your vision real.

SKILL SET: We’ll explore if there are any specific skills that you need to develop along the way. E.g. developing confidence with presenting or public speaking.

ENERGY: What drains you of your energy? We’ll look at what situations drain your energy, and find ways so that you can boost your energy to help you progress forwards.

ACTION & IMPACT: Developing and implementing the insights and strategies that you’ll learn from the previous elements will help you to take action, and create an impact not only in your life, but for your family, in your business and with other people around you.

Programme Structure

PROGRAMME DURATION: 3 months (6 sessions)


FORMAT: The coaching sessions are held by video, phone or in-person at my office in the Conwy valley, North Wales.

EMAIL SUPPORT: Support between your coaching sessions when you're implementing your actions.

COACHING SESSION PREPARATION FORM: This will help you to prepare for each session so that you'll be able to record your progress since the last session and get clarity on exactly what you'd like to discuss in the next session.

RESOURCES: You'll get access to my videos and strategy documents to help create your future vision and define your goals.



Interested in working together?

If you'd like to discuss the challenges that you're facing; your goals; or your future direction, click the button below to book a Discovery call with me; and we’ll discuss your situation in detail. 

There's no charge for this call. It’s an opportunity for you to take a step closer to resolving the challenges you are facing and define a new future.


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