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Unlock Your Potential: Transform Your Business and Life

Welcome to the Simplify Coaching Programme, where your journey to profound personal and professional growth begins. My name is Kev, and with over 15 years of experience as a co-founder and director of a thriving information technology business, I understand the struggles and triumphs of business ownership.


Why Choose The Simplify Coaching Program?

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, it’s crucial to have a clear vision, ambitious goals, and unwavering focus. As a business and life coach, I specialise in helping business owners like you find direction, develop confidence, focus and drive your business to new heights. 

Here's what sets the Simplify Coaching Programme apart:

Create an Inspiring Vision: Together, we will craft a powerful personal vision statement that aligns with your core values and business objectives.

Set Ambitious Goals: Learn to set and achieve ambitious goals that align with your vision and propel you forward to make your vision a reality for you.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Resolve self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, unlocking your true potential.

Develop Focus, Confidence and Drive: Cultivate the inner drive, focus, and confidence needed to navigate challenges and seise opportunities.



Take the First Step to Transformation:

Are you ready to transform your business and life? Take the first step today! Click the button below to schedule a free discovery call with me to discuss your current situation; where you want to be; and learn how the Simplify Coaching Program could help you unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success.

The Simplify Coaching Programme helps small business owners to find direction in their business-life and helps them to develop their focus, confidence, and drive.



It's difficult to know where you want to be if you can't clearly see your future. The Simplify Coaching Programme will help you to define a powerful, 'crystal' clear vision for your business and your life. You'll also create meaningful, ambitious goals, that align with your Vision for the most important areas of your life, with clear steps to achieve each goal.



If you regularly try to 'multi-task' several activities at the same time, you'll probably appreciate how difficult it can be to do this consistently and keep the quality of your work high. The brain can multi-task but it's not good at multi-focusing. 

This programme will provide you with practical and effective strategies to help you define what's most important to you in your life and business. It will also help you to optimise your time and show you how to implement your own daily 'ritual' to help you focus on whats essential to you, every day.



Mindset is key in business. As Tony Robbins says: "Success in Business is 80% Psychology and 20% Skill". If you know what to do but you lack confidence, what are the chances of success? Well, certainly a lot lower that showing up every day in your business with confidence. 

One of the aims of my coaching programme is to help you to ‘see’ your world differently, because when people see their world differently, they show up differently. When people show up differently, they start to solve challenges and create results that they may once have thought were impossible.

This programme will help you to resolve limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and help you shift your 'state' so that you feel empowered and confident when you most need it.



Drive is part mindset and part energy. In this programme I'll share strategies to help you to decrease stress and increase your energy so that you 'show up' fully in your business. I'll also show you how to develop empowering habits to help you build your determination to succeed, even when life throws those 'curve-balls' at you or puts 'road blocks' in your way.



Interested in learning how to 'Simplify' your business-life?

Click the button below to book a discovery call with me to discuss your current situation; where you want to be; and learn more about the Simplify Coaching Programme.

What to Expect

The Simplify Coaching Programme is designed to provide personalised coaching sessions, support, and actionable strategies tailored to your unique needs:


One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Receive dedicated attention with personalised coaching sessions with me, focused on your specific goals and challenges.

Structured 'Simplify' Modules: Benefit from informative videos and 'strategy' worksheets that you work on in-between the coaching sessions and provide a roadmap to success.

Continuous Support: Access ongoing support and resources, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your objectives.


COACHING SESSIONS: Each coaching session is unique: you bring specific topics that are important to you in your life and business, and we work through each topic together.

Here are some key elements of the coaching sessions:


  • Time To Think - It’s rare in business today to have time to think without any interruptions. In the coaching session there’s no phone to answer and no emails to respond to. This means you’ll have time to clear your head, see your priorities clearly, and think about what you want for you and your business.


  • Extracting Your Ideas - One of my clients mentioned that one of the main benefits of coaching with me was the opportunity to extract the ideas in his head, which meant that he could ‘see’ them and then do something with them! In the coaching session, I’m your ‘Thinking Partner’, helping you to gain new perspectives on your business and life.


  • Problem Solving - The coaching sessions are often used to help my clients resolve a business or life-related problem. We’ll explore any problems that you’re facing in detail, and look for options to resolve them.


  • Developing Leadership - The coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to develop specific areas of your leadership, helping you to become a more resourceful, confident and capable leader.


  • Manage Stress - My clients comment that they sometimes arrive at the coaching session, stressed and overwhelmed about a ‘calamity’ that’s going on in their business, but they leave the session with energy - feeling refreshed. The coaching sessions give you an opportunity to step back from any ‘drama’ which means you’ll be able to look at the situation from a different perspective, feel less stress, and leave the sessions feeling more resourceful.


  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs - At times Business leaders may struggle with a limiting belief that prevents them from making decisions, moving forward, and resolving the challenges that they face. Limiting beliefs restrict the actions that we are prepared to take, which in turn affects the results we get. The limited results that we see re-enforce the limiting belief and then the cycle repeats again and again. Coaching can help you to break-free of this cycle by challenging any limiting assumptions and limiting beliefs that you have, so that you can make more informed choices and decisions and break-through what’s been holding you back in your life and business.


  • Confidential conversations - Many of my clients don’t have anyone that they can talk to confidentially about the challenges that they face and the ideas they have for the future. I’m independent to your business and I have many years of experience, owning and running a business which means you’ll be able to talk to me freely and in confidence. The coaching programme is covered by a coaching agreement, with confidentiality underpinning everything I do. I'm a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I subscribe to their Code of Ethics (details of which are available upon request).


  • I'm Your Accountability Partner - An Accountability Partner is a highly effective way to help people keep on track with their goals. The coaching session is an opportunity to ‘check-in’ regularly on your progress towards achieving your goals, discuss and explore any challenges that you’re facing, and help find solutions to them. Sometimes just knowing that you have a call or meeting scheduled with your ‘Accountability partner’ is enough motivation to work on your goal-actions!

'SIMPLIFY' MODULES: The online Simplify programme modules complement the coaching sessions. The modules include videos and strategy documents that you'll get to work through in-between the coaching sessions. 

The 'Simplify' modules cover the following key areas:




FORMAT: The coaching sessions are by video or in-person at my office in the Conwy valley, North Wales.


Interested in working together?

If you'd like to discuss the challenges that you're facing; your goals, or your future direction, click the button below to book a Discovery call with me, and we’ll discuss your situation in detail. 

There's no charge for this call. It’s an opportunity for you to take a step closer to resolving the challenges you are facing and define a new future.



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