Simplify - Module 1:

Mindset is key in business. These videos will help you bring more of YOU into your business-life, every day.


Bringing presence to your business-life

Your presence is key in all communication - especially in business. In this video we discuss the impact of lack of presence in business-life and I share a simple strategy to help you bring your presence to day to day situations in your life and work, so that you become a better communicator.

Changing your state

Is there anything more important than how you feel? In this video we dive into some incredible research into how your physiology can change your state. I'll also share a strategy that you can use any time to shift a disempowering state to an empowering state.


Click this link to watch TED Talk by Amy Cuddy that I mention in the video.


Self-Development: Finding the REAL you

Who are you really? In this video we'll discover how to find the 'real' you. I'll share a strategy to help you bring more of you into your life and work. I'll also share three excellent self-development resources to help you continue your journey of self-development!



Click the links below to find out more about the three self-development resources that we discuss in the video:


Resource 1


Resource 2 (Part 1)


Resource 2 (Part 2)


Resource 3

Applying the Simplify Concept to your Mindset

Here’s a quick reminder of the Simplify Concept:


When something in your life or work no longer supports you, start by asking yourself: “What will I change?”.


Follow the steps below to help you apply the Simplify Concept to your Mindset:



Step 1 – IDENTIFY: Ask yourself “What element of my Mindset WILL I change?”.

  • Is there a re-occurring disempowering thought that bothers you?
  • Is there a disempowering habit that you want to stop?
  • Is there some other element of your mindset that you want to change?


Step 2 – DECIDE: Decide NOW how things WILL be different.

  • What do you want instead?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What will you stop doing?
  • What will you start doing?


Step 3 - DO THE ONE THING: Simply commit to one action. It’s important to review the effectiveness of your action. Be mindful that you may need to adjust or change your action depending upon the results you see.

  • What single action could you do today?
  • Is there a self-development strategy that you could practice?
  • Do you need to do some research?


Step 4 – MAKE IT A HABIT: Keep doing what you decide to do. Commit to practising your action regularly so that you create a new habit.

  • Do you need to schedule the action in your calendar? 
  • How often do you need to practise your action?

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