Simplify - Module 3:

Setting and achieving goals is a fundamental component to creating forward momentum in life and business.

In the last module we reviewed the Vision process. Your Vision Statement is essentially the direction that you want to go in.  Your goals are the vehicles to get you there.

How to Create and Achieve Ambitious Goals

In this video I’ll take you through a process that will help you to create meaningful goals that will help to make your Vision a reality for you in the future.

Applying the Simplify Concept to your Goals

Here’s a quick reminder of the Simplify Concept:


When something in your life or work no longer supports you, start by asking yourself: “What will I change?”.


Your Goals are your ‘vehicles’ to help you make your Vision real.


In the Vision module, I suggested reviewing your Vision at least annually, to see if any ‘adjustments’ need to be made. 


Adjustments to your Vision, may require making changes to one or more of your Goals.


In Module 6, I'll introduce you to 'The Simplify Ritual', which is a daily practise to help you: reflect on your life, gain Insights, achieve your Goals, and make your Vision reality.


In that module I’ll show you how to create a structure to help you schedule time to work on your Goals each week.


This will provide you with a regular opportunity to review the progress of your goals.


In step 4 of the ‘Goal Setting Strategy Sheet’, we discussed the importance of reviewing goals:


“Our plans don’t always work out as expected. Reviewing your progress is critical. When you spend time reviewing your goal, notice what is working and what isn’t working – learn from your experiences. 


If your plan to achieve your goal isn’t working as you would like, then adjust your strategy (i.e. your goal and actions) and try again. If your plan still isn’t working then repeat this – notice, learn, adjust your strategy, and then then try again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!”


Follow the steps below to help apply the Simplify Concept to your Goals:



Step 1 – IDENTIFY: Ask yourself “What element of my Goals WILL I change?”.


  • Is your Goal still in alignment with your Vision? i.e. is this the right ‘vehicle’ to get you to your destination – making your Vision real.
  • Do you need to make any adjustments to the Goal or to one of the Goal-Actions?
  • As you review your goal, is there anything not working as expected that might warrant a change to your Goal?

Note – Step 1 is simply a check to ensure that your Goals (in their current form) are still valid. Of course, no change may be necessary. But by applying the ‘Simplify Concept’ when you review your Goals can help to save wasted time working on a Goal that is no longer in alignment with your Vision.



Step 2 – DECIDE: Decide NOW how things WILL be different.


Assuming you have identified a Goal or Goal-Action that needs to change:

  • How will your Goal change?
  • How will your Goal-Action change?


Step 3 - DO THE ONE THING: Simply commit to one action. It’s important to review the effectiveness of your action. Be mindful that you may need to adjust or change your action depending upon the results you see.

  • What single action could you do today to make any necessary changes to your Goal or Goal-Action?
  • Do you need to have a conversation with someone?
  • Do you need to do some research?


Step 4 – MAKE IT A HABIT: Keep doing what you decide to do. Make reviewing your Goal a habit and part of your Simplify Ritual.


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