How to Keep Your Business Goals on Track

In this video I share a concept I call 'North Star' which will help you to keep your business and personal goals on track:

Do you get side-tracked with your business goals?

I know in the past I’ve gotten distracted, to the point that I sometimes forgot about my goal all together.


Many priorities can compete for our time especially in business but also in life and it can be difficult to remain focused on our goals with so much going on around us.


And with that, the importance of our goal can diminish and fade away.


And that’s a real shame because it’s a missed opportunity for us.


A great way to stay on track and to remain focused on your goal is to define what I call a ‘North Star’.

North Star

Your 'North Star' has 3 elements:

  • A Name

    The name of your goal.

  • Your 'Why?'

    Why do you want to achieve your goal? What will your goal give you when you achieve it?

  • A Powerful Symbol

    Your symbol is something that represents your goal and what this means to you – this is perhaps the most important element. 


    The symbol could be a physical object such as a picture, piece of jewelry or ornament. It could be non-physical – a song a poem or a phrase or a quote. 


    Your symbol must have a deep meaning for you as this is the secret weapon to help you create drive and energy towards achieving your goal. 

So, your North Star is the direction that you want to move towards. 

It’s your goal - your destination – it’s what you want to achieve – your ambition.

But more than that your North Star also has a deeper meaning – it represents why you want to achieve your goal and the powerful symbol you choose serves as a constant reminder for you.

For example, one of my goals is to serve my clients powerfully during their coaching sessions.
I want this because I want to help other people create a greater positive impact in their life, their business, and with people around them.

This image of Space X star ship shown in the video above is my symbol – I’m mad about space flight and astronomy so when I look at this, it gives me enormous energy to see the power of the launch and possibility of exploration and discovery with my client.

For me that’s powerful.

Some of my clients have used an image or figure of a powerful character like wonder woman
It may sound nuts but it’s what that symbol means to the person and what energy, emotion, and action that it creates that makes this such a useful concept.

Keep the symbol somewhere you can see it or set a reminder read it or listen to it if it’s a non-physical symbol.

So, if you want to remain focused on your business goal why not create your north star? 
I hope this helps.

Thank you for watching.

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