Coaching Benefits

Here are some additional benefits of my coaching programme:

TIME TO THINK: It’s rare in business today to have time to think without any interruptions. In the coaching sessions there’s no phone to answer and no emails to respond to. This means you’ll have time to clear your head so that you can see your life and work clearly.

EXTRACTING YOUR IDEAS: One of my clients mentioned that one of the main benefits of working with me was the opportunity to extract all the ideas in his head which meant that he could ‘see’ them and then do something with them!

PROBLEM SOLVING: The coaching sessions are often used to help my clients resolve a business or life-related problem. We’ll explore any problems that you face in detail and look for options to resolve them which means you’ll be more resourceful to handle more complex problems in the future.

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP: The Coaching Programme encompasses all the benefits listed here, which helps my clients develop their leadership by helping them become more resourceful, confident and capable leaders.

MANAGING STRESS: My clients  sometimes comment that they arrive at the coaching session, stressed and overwhelmed about a ‘calamity’ that’s going on with their business or in their life – but they leave the session with energy - feeling refreshed. The sessions give you an opportunity to step back from the ‘drama’ which means you’ll be able to look at it from a different perspective; feel less stress and leave the sessions feeling more resourceful.

ELIMINATING LIMITING BELIEFS: Many business leaders and Entrepreneurs (at times) struggle with limiting assumptions and limiting beliefs that prevent them from making decisions; moving forward and resolving the challenges that they face.

These Limiting beliefs restrict the actions that you are prepared to take, which in turn affects the results you'll get. The limited results that you see re-enforce the limiting belief and then the cycle repeats again and again.

Coaching can help you to break-free of this cycle by challenging any limiting assumptions and limiting beliefs that you have, so that you can make more informed choices and decisions and break-through what’s been holding you back in your life and business.

CONFIDENTIAL CONVERSATIONS: Many of my clients don’t have anyone that they can talk to confidentially about the challenges that they face and the ideas they have for the future. I’m independent to your business and I have many years’ experience owning and running a business which means you’ll be able to talk to me freely and in confidence.

The coaching programme is covered by a coaching agreement, with confidentiality underpinning everything I do. I subscribe to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (details of which are available upon request).

DEVELOPING STRATEGY & DIRECTION: The coaching sessions can be used to create a strategy and direction for you and your business. Together we’ll focus on the desired outcomes you want and we’ll ‘brain-storm’ solutions to achieve them. I’ll help you to clarify goals and actions so that you’ll be able to create and implement a strategy to take you in the direction that you want to go.

I'M YOUR SOUNDING BOARD: Being your ‘sounding board’ means that I’ll ‘test’ and challenge your ideas and any limiting beliefs that show up! I’m like your ‘ideas’ sparring partner!


Interested in working together?

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