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Business Coaching

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Today, more than ever, business leaders are under increasing pressure to continually adapt and grow their business in an ever-changing climate. Many leaders feel isolated and struggle to achieve the business success that they once dreamed of. Running my Mobile Technology Company has provided me with a solid foundation for my Business Coaching programmes. Business Coaching enables me to work alongside business leaders and their managers with the aim of helping them to take their business and their lives to the next level.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching (or Executive Coaching) is a one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional Coach and a the Coaching Client who has a powerful position in within the business. The coaching is contracted for the benefit of a client who is accountable for highly complex decisions with wide scope of impact on the business. The focus of the coaching is usually focused on business performance or development, but also serves as a personal development component as well. The Coach is not a subject expert, but rather is focused on helping the Coaching Client to unlock their own potential. The focus is very much on the Coaching Client and what is inside their head.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Sir John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance.

My coaching provides a balance of support and challenge to help my clients break through the challenges they face and massively improve their performance.

What are the benefits of my Business Coaching?

Here are some of the many benefits of my Business Coaching programmes:

  • Develops the talent and potential of your leadership Improving the performance and effectiveness of your executive staff and managers
  • Significantly improves the culture and therefore motivation of your people
  • Facilitates change in attitude and behaviour to ensure your people deliver the desired results
  • Builds effective teams that ultimately contribute to bottom line improvements
  • Manages the transition arising from internal promotions
  • Provides a sounding board for you and senior management
  • Tackles deep rooted patterns of behaviour which may inhibit growth

Who do I Coach?

  • Business Leaders - e.g. Business owners, Board members, Executives and Directors
  • Managers

My Coaching Programmes are covered by a coaching agreement, with confidentiality underpinning everything I do. I subscribe to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (details of which are available upon request).

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Business Coaching programmes


I was a bit sceptical when I started out on this experience with Kev but now I am so pleased I did. He managed to bring out the business skills I had forgotten I had and gave me the confidence to tackle some issues I knew I had to address but had put off. Our conversations allow me to bounce off ideas that I couldn’t digest during the normal working day and gave me food for thought. After each session I felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever was thrown at me. He has a knack of asking questions that he knows you have the answers to if you dig deep enough and encourages you to find them and to believe in yourself.
Karen Anfield
Director, 3X Software Ltd
Over the last 6 months Kevin has worked with me as my Executive Coach, during this time he has coached me through a number of key areas. As a coach, he is very calm, knowledgeable and most importantly insightful, he has a great ability to ask the right question or use the right intervention just at the right moment. Working with Kevin has been a very reinforcing and positive experience, where he has afforded me the time and space to allow me to work through the areas I brought to each session in a creative and supportive manner. Kevin is a very natural Coach and I would highly recommend him.
Alan Cheung
Group SHE Operations and Behavioural Management Director, Costain Group plc
During my sessions with Kevin, he was able to coach me to a much sharper focus on my issues. In a very short time I gained a deeper insight, new learning and a clear way forward. The sessions were delightfully surprising, effective and professionally delivered.
Jennifer Challenger
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer, eg+ worldwide
Being coached by Kev has given me the opportunity to unashamedly think just about myself and the future and to get clarity about my own business development without feeling time-pressured. It’s lonely at the top: I don’t have anyone to talk to about decisions affecting my businesses. No-one should be an island. I was an island before Kev. Coaching is unlocking my blocks. Having the experience of someone else who is in business and speaking through solutions has been very beneficial to me. Coming up with a list of achievable goals to deliver and knowing you need to deliver them is what I wanted out of the coach - and is what I am getting.
Shelly Barratt
Founder and Director, Coya Marketing
Kevin was fully committed to me as his client, this projected an extraordinary positive energy in the sessions which created a trustful and empowering environment to enable me to find my path for my goals. During my journey of coaching with Kevin I was in one of those “life crash moments”, he helped me to understand who I am and what I want, which has been an extraordinary remedy to bring me peace and happiness. Thank you, Kevin!
Miss I Rodriguez
Manager, Luxemburg
I hired Kevin as my Business Coach while I was starting my new business and also going through a divorce. Kevin's compassionate nature and solution-focused approach helped me move forward with my business while experiencing a great deal of personal transition. Kevin allowed me to discover clarity and focus while providing me with excellent accountability through our coaching together.
C Kerner
Business Owner, Seattle, U.S.