About Me

Who is Kev?

I help ambitious Business Leaders create a greater impact in their Business and Life so that they can create more success, and experience fulfilment without burning themselves out



My background

Before creating my coaching business ‘New Perspectives’, I was co-founder and director of a successful mobile technology company.


With my business partners, we developed the business from zero to an annual 8-figure turnover and created jobs for more than 30 people.


Kevin Thomas - Executive Coach - New Perspectives Executive Coaching Ltd

This all sounds ‘rosy’ but I experienced tough times as well: 


I struggled with very high-levels of stress; had to manage very challenging problems inside and outside of the business; dealt with problems in my personal life and on top of that I had to ensure that the business revenue and profit increased year on year.


5 years ago, I was experiencing a lot of changes in my life: I was going through divorce; I was working very long hours and was highly stressed - I really struggled with my mindset – I had difficulty making decisions in my business.


Previously, I had always been confident and was able to make important decisions easily, but suddenly I found that I had lost my confidence, I struggled to get motivated and I couldn't see a bright future for myself or my business.


But I knew this had to change…


A close friend suggested that I hire a business coach to help me. So I did, I found a coach, purchased a coaching programme and worked closely with my coach over the next few months.


Through the coaching process I became more confident, resourceful, focused and happier than I ever had been before.


My energy went 'through the roof' and I became creative with solutions to the challenges I faced. I resolved each of them.


With my renewed focus, resourcefulness, energy and with my business partners, we developed the business to an annual 8-figure turnover.


Our customers were some of the largest companies in the UK and we won business awards.


4 years later we sold the business.

Coaching changed my life!


What a journey it’s been!...


This journey helped me to appreciate how tough it can be to run a business and I also understand the pressure that Business Leaders are under.


However, this experience also helped me to create the belief that although, Business and Life can be tough - there's always a way to move forward.


I've had the privilege of:


>> Creating a Business

>> Working with Business Partners

>> Developing the business into new markets

>> Turning around business challenges

>> Turning around personal challenges 

>> Winning large contracts 

>> Delivering excellent service to customers

>> Winning business awards

>> Preparing the business for acquisition, then selling the business


These experiences provide me with a solid foundation to help Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs like you through my Business Leader Coaching Programme


Today I’m a certified Executive Coach. I work with my clients, helping them to:

>> RESOLVE challenges they face
>> FIND the right direction
>> CREATE more success in their Business and Life

I do this by helping them to become more Confident, Resourceful, and Capable Leaders.


I'm mad about Sci-Fi movies; learning to speak Welsh and passionate about Astronomy! 🚀


I have two children and I am blessed to live with my partner near Conwy, North Wales.

Kevin Thomas - Executive Coach - North Wales

My philosophy


I'm passionate about learning, growing and helping other people do the same.


I work with Business Leaders that want change:

Change in their Business, change in their Life, or both!


I help them make changes to transform their Business and Life.


The transformation you desire could be in different areas of Business and Life, including:

  • Creating a thriving business
  • Being financially free
  • Becoming an exceptional leader
  • Being the BEST version of you as a parent, partner or spouse
  • Becoming an incredible communicator 
  • Being healthier and happier 


Life and Business will probably throw many problems at you...many of which may create uncertainty, stress and fear.


My Coaching Programme will also help you to break free from uncertainty, stress and fear so that you become a more resourceful, confident and capable leader.


Working together, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges you face; explore what’s holding you back; and create solutions that will enable you to move forward with confidence towards the Business and Life that you desire.

My credentials


I'm a certified Executive Coach and I coach Business Leaders across the UK.


I have the following accreditations:

  • Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching - Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC)
  • Coach Certification - Robbins Madanes Training (RMT)
  • Enhanced Practitioner - World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS)

I subscribe to the ICF code of ethics (details of which are available upon request)

My commitment to you


I’m committed to using my experience, training and passion to help you to create the breakthrough you want.

Interested in working together?


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