• Do you feel overwhelmed?...Perhaps you find yourself rushing from one meeting to another and never seem to catch up?

  • Have you noticed your confidence dropping?...For example - are you putting off difficult conversations with customers, staff or business partners?

  • Do you struggle to sleep at night because business stresses are keeping you awake?

  • Do you find it hard to get into the right mindset each day, where you struggle to get motivated about your work?

  • Do you keep wishing that you could spend more time with your family, your children and less time at work?

  • Do you struggle to take actions, make important decisions or beat yourself up when things don’t go your way?

  • Do you feel like things will never change and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Do you wish you had someone you could talk to confidentially, about your business and life?

  • Are you struggling to innovate your business?

  • Do you wish you could ‘bounce’ your ideas off someone with experience running a business?

  • Are you facing a complex challenge or adversity?

If so, you’re not alone....

Hi, I’m Kev...Welcome to New Perspectives!

This is exactly how I felt 5 years ago when I was co-founder and director of a successful mobile technology company.


I struggled with very high-levels of stress; had to manage very challenging problems inside and outside of the business; dealt with problems in my personal life and on top of that I had to ensure that the business always had a competitive edge.


At that time I was experiencing a lot of changes in my life: I was going through a painful divorce; I was working very long hours and was highly stressed - I really struggled with my mindset – I had difficulty making decisions in my business.


Previously, I had always been confident and was able to make important decisions easily, but suddenly I found that I had lost my confidence, I struggled to get motivated and I couldn't see a bright future for myself or my business.


Back then I hired a business coach to help me. Through the coaching process I became far more confident, resourceful, focused and happy. I resolved each of the challenges that I faced. 


With my business partners, we developed the business to an annual 8-figure turnover and created jobs for more than 30 people; our customers were some of the largest companies in the UK and we won business awards. 4 years later we sold the business.

Coaching changed my life!


And that’s exactly how I fell in love with coaching and wanted to make it my life-mission to help Business Leaders like you, through the exact process I went through, knowing that you too can come out of the other end happier, more confident, less stressed and know you are in control.


Today I’m a certified coach. I work with my clients from all over the UK. I combine my business knowledge, experience and extensive coach training to help business leaders like you, turnaround adversity and create the life and business that you want.


To start your own journey to become the person you want to beliving the life you want to live and running a business that thrives, schedule your 90-minute Breakthrough Session with me by clicking the button below.


I guarantee you’ll leave the call with renewed energy, clarity and motivation to get your business and life back on track.

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